Product Management – It’s All About the Execution

By Josh Duncan I recently was asked, what are the most important skills for a product manager? I answered that there are range of skills that a PM is required to use from the standard technical and business side and to the important soft skills like communication and persuasion. I have been thinking  more about the answer […]

Product management in the Cloud

by Paddy Barrett How the shift to SaaS product offerings changes the role and activities of the product manager. A product manager who has learned the craft with on-premises products will have to adapt to the cloud by becoming more flexible and responsive – flexible in adapting to the speed of change with cloud products […]

Can marketing learn from agile?

By Steve Johnson Failing to focus, failing to choose one discipline and stick to it, is exactly what leads firms to a state of mediocrity.—Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema When I was the head of marketing, I got into a heated argument about our marketing and promotion programs. It was in a senior management meeting […]

7 Ways to Ramp Up Quickly as a New Product Marketer

By Rahim Kaba As a product marketer, you’re expected to be the “buyer” expert in your organization and clearly communicate how your products can benefit potential buyers. But if you’re new to your company and its markets, learning about your buyers isn’t straightforward; unlike other roles in your organization, you need to seek information from […]

Help! I’m a secretary to development

Or, Why a developer can’t also be product manager In small companies—and in some not-so-small companies—the development lead often serves as the product leader or product manager. Is this a good idea? In your team, who is responsible for persona or market definition, requirements, acceptance testing, and feature prioritization? Like a fox guarding the henhouse, […]

5 Tips for Building Tablet-First Business Applications

By Rivi Aspler Congratulations, you have just gotten approval to build a tablet-first business application. This scenario is nothing new when your product has been designed initially for the mobile consumer, but is a professional dream-come-true for the traditional B2B Product Manager. As always, talking the talk is easy. Walking the walk is a challenge. […]