Canadians take top spots at PMEC Battle of the bloggers

Congratulations to April Dunford of RocketWatcher, and our own Ethan Henry for coming in first and second respectively at the PMEC Battle of the Bloggers in San Jose, CA today. There was stiff competition from a number of prominent bloggers including Michael Ray Hopkin, Tom Grant, Ivan Chalif, and the team from Brainmates in Australia.

Here are a few tweets about April’s and Ethan’s performances.

And here are the official results.

Congrats also to Tom Grant, Ivan Chalif and Ivan Lybbert.

3 thoughts on “Canadians take top spots at PMEC Battle of the bloggers

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  2. April Reply

    Thanks! What a fun event that was – I laughed my head off. Ethan’s presentation was a riot! You need to get that guy writing here because he’s hilarious!

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