Shop Talk Q&A with Steve Johnson

By | March 15, 2010

PM guru Steve Johnson just posted his responses to the Red Canary Shop Talk Q&A. Great answers Steve! I love Steve’s interview question: “What’s your favorite MS Office app?” … the answer will tell you a lot about where your applicant is focused, in marketing, sales, or development! Check out Steve’s views on other topics, such as when should PM be hired at a startup, and a previously unannounced (?) book to be written some day by Steve.

- Alan

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I have had 3 successful startup exits in my 15 years in enterprise software. I have held executive roles in product management, sales, and business development. My biggest hit was Wily Technology, a bay-area startup where I was director of strategy through the acquisition by CA for $375M in 2006. I now help CEOs and sales teams accelerate revenue with a broad range of services, especially focusing on buyer interviews. As a third party with broad industry experience, I can gather information that the buyer generally will not provide to the seller directly. In doing so I can help diagnose individual stuck accounts, and look at an entire product line, territory, or customer segment to diagnose, recommend, and help accelerate growth.

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