ProductCamp Boston & Building Product Management Organizations

by Saeed Khan

This was a very eventful weekend for us product folks. On Saturday, there were 3 ProductCamps held in Boston, Chicago and Silicon Valley.  I’m not sure if the different cities coordinated the date, or April 2 was just a convenient date  — unless you’re a cricket fan that is. 🙂

I attended ProductCamp Boston. Alan and Jim were at the Silicon Valley event. I’m sure they’ll give some updates of that event in the near future.

The Boston Camp had about 200 people in attendance. A healthy crowd, considering it was a nice spring day in Boston. The picture below shows the session board that was posted after attendee voting was complete.  There were 30+ sessions on the day. My talk is listed in the bottom row (last session of the day) 5 columns in. Trust me. That’s mine. 🙂

BTW, if you haven’t attended a camp, it’s getting harder to have an excuse. They’ve been held in 25+ cities in Canada, United States, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, India and Russia. I think I’ve listed all the countries.

You can see a list of upcoming and previous Camps on the Events page on our website.

My talk was entitled:

No More Superheroes: How to Create an Effective
and Scalable Product Management Organization.

You can see it below.

I’m working on an updated version of this based on feedback I received from a few people.

The problem — lack of understanding of Product Management and therefore an inability to properly define and staff Product Management teams — seems  rampant. We need to be the agents of change to address this.

I’ll post the updated version once it is complete, but if you have thoughts , comments or questions, please leave them below or email me: saeed at onproductmanagement dot net.



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12 thoughts on “ProductCamp Boston & Building Product Management Organizations

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  3. Geoffrey Anderson Reply

    Great slides, and I am really wishing I could have been at your session.

    The product manager as hero is a myth perpetuated by the belief that only someone with superhero skills/capabilities can be successful.

    Balderdash. A successful organization is built with solid building blocks, and is supported by an executive team that understands getting the right people in the right roles. In fact, if you built a team of several “superhero’s” the ego conflict will probably degrade productivity, increase internal strife, and suddenly your organization will begin to look like an Investment bank full of BSD’s. The opposite of an effective organization to say the least.

    I loved the Tech Crunch screen grab about Twitter hiring a PM to work on revenue. That is a job that has all the cards stacked against it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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