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By Saeed Khan

I was at ProductCamp Boston this past weekend. While it was a beautiful, sunny Saturday outside, about 300 product people decided to spend the better part of the day inside learning, networking and teaching. I saw some familiar faces, such as Steve Johnson, Gopal Shenoy, Jason Micelli, and others, and met a number of new people as well.

One surprise  was meeting Peter Cannon. You probably don’t know Peter. But Peter is a long time reader of this blog and I’ve spoken with Peter previously, but have never met him. What a surprise to meet him in Boston, as he is based in Utah.  And I thought I had come a far distance to attend the event!

I gave my talk on Product Management Metrics to a good crowd and there were a lot of questions and discussion. The presentation is below and I’ve included links at the bottom to some posts I did a while back on the topic.

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk and kudos to the ProductCamp Boston organizers for putting on a great event. But, given the numbers, I think they’ll need a larger venue next year! 🙂

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Please let me know if you have any questions and if you use this model in your company, tell me how it worked!

BTW, you can download the presentation from our Downloads page.


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24 thoughts on “Product Management Metrics – Be the CEO of your product

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  2. Kell Condon Reply

    Great deck, thanks for sharing! In my role as a requirements analyst, we spend a lot of time focusing on what metrics can tell us about how we and the product are performing, but its tough to know when enough detail is enough. A colleague of mine wrote an interesting piece about key performance indicators (KPIs)in legacy system conversion projects. Check it out here:

  3. Cindy F. Solomon Reply

    Hi Saeed,
    Thanks for great presentation & posting! I added it to the content from PCampBoston here: #Storify Slideview

    I also added it to the collection of articles on the “CEO of the Product Debate”


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