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Product Management – It’s All About the Execution

By Josh Duncan I recently was asked, what are the most important skills for a product manager? I answered that there are range of skills that a PM is required to use from the standard technical and business side and to the important soft skills like communication and persuasion. I have been thinking  more about the answer […]

Product management in the Cloud

by Paddy Barrett How the shift to SaaS product offerings changes the role and activities of the product manager. A product manager who has learned the craft with on-premises products will have to adapt to the cloud by becoming more flexible and responsive – flexible in adapting to the speed of change with cloud products […]

5 Tips for Building Tablet-First Business Applications

By Rivi Aspler Congratulations, you have just gotten approval to build a tablet-first business application. This scenario is nothing new when your product has been designed initially for the mobile consumer, but is a professional dream-come-true for the traditional B2B Product Manager. As always, talking the talk is easy. Walking the walk is a challenge. […]

The Whole Product Manager

If you liked this post, please retweet: “The Whole Product Manager by @PGopalan via @OnPM” This past weekend, I had the opportunity to give a talk on The Whole Product Manager at ProductCamp Austin.  My thesis is simple.  The traditional path to becoming a craftsman (or craftswoman) at product management, while paved with good […]

Your first days…as the head of Product Management

Take time to work on the business, not just in the business.—Richard Rhodes Do you lead a new product management team? Where should you begin? In The World Is Flat , Thomas Friedman expressed his view of the government’s primary role: to provide infrastructure. Make it easy to start a business, protect our persons and property from […]

Mobile Business Applications – Managing the Product Twice

By Rivi Aspler Many companies (especially the big ones) are still investing considerable efforts in the development of independent desktop, tablet and smartphone applications. Why? Because the needs of heavy-duty enterprise applications cannot be reduced to a single UI design that is common to all three targets. Unfortunately, Responsive Web Design has not proved yet […]