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The Five Scariest Words a Product Manager Can Hear

By John Mansour “We’ve created an innovation team.” Oh, great! Just what every product manager needs – more shiny new objects competing for the same resources that should be going toward product improvements needed years ago. Innovation is great, but too many organizations define innovation to be synonymous with new products. And that generally leads […]

Strategic Product Management – Job Responsibilities or End Results?

By John Mansour Is your reference to “strategic product management” more about job responsibilities considered to be strategic or product initiatives that produce results with strategic impact? I ask the question because product managers almost always refer to strategic product management as job responsibilities considered to be more strategic than tactical. But when I listen […]

The Almighty “C” and its growing Influence on B2B

By John Mansour Blackberry is probably the most visible example of an organization whose strength in corporate IT departments was about as ironclad as you could get until the past few years. It has been well documented how the preferences of consumers, also employees of these corporations, forced corporate IT departments to adapt to their […]

3 Ms That Are Critical for Creating High-Impact B2B Solutions

By John Mansour The three Ms for B2B solutions are analogous to the four Ps for consumer products with one key exception. The four Ps emphasize individual product success while the three Ms emphasize solutions  comprised of multiple complementary products and services that make it easier to differentiate, solve bigger problems and increase the average […]