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The Whole Product Manager

If you liked this post, please retweet: “The Whole Product Manager by @PGopalan via @OnPM” This past weekend, I had the opportunity to give a talk on The Whole Product Manager at ProductCamp Austin.  My thesis is simple.  The traditional path to becoming a craftsman (or craftswoman) at product management, while paved with good […]

Diagnosing Org Health – Take the ONPM poll

Sometimes pictures can say more than words.  Here’s a simple flow chart to help diagnose organizational health and a quick poll. The top part of this chart is  where culture and leadership matters most.  The bottom is where capability matters most.  The two need to work in sync for a healthy firm.  If your firm’s […]

The Whole Product Manager

By Prabhakar Gopalan Walk into an established software company and you see these product management and product marketing silos.  [note: startups or well run product organizations don't have this problem at all - see last paragraph in this skeptical PMM view] To begin with, product managers and marketing managers are saddled with two divisive documents […]

Weekend read on Innovation, Marketing and Strategy

If you haven’t read  Big-Bang Disruption by Larry Downes and Paul F. Nunes in the latest edition of HBR, please do. In a single article, the authors have done something that nobody (other than Henry Mintzberg) in recent times has done – articulating the irrelevance of practically every framework, model or strategy that is commonplace […]

How to make someone click-open and respond to your email

Here’s a very simple story that illustrates a test driven approach to copywriting.  A few months ago I attended a Lean Entrepreneur workshop in Austin.  As part of the workshop fee there was a promise to deliver a book to me when ready. Yesterday I got an email from The Lean Entrepreneur with the subject Your Copy […]

Why getting rid of spiffs is good for your tech business

In tech marketing, product marketing managers from a distant past employ sales spiffs to motivate the sales teams to sell their product over or in combination with another product.  The argument they give is spiffs act as motivational tools to sales teams to push their product which under normal course of the sales process wouldn’t […]

The shokunin spirit for product leaders

It is mid January.  Are you still looking for a New Year Resolution?  Here’s a recommendation.   Please watch this movie and think about your approach to your craft.  Japanese-English dictionaries define shokunin as craftsman.  After watching this movie, you realize the word shokunin means more than just craftsman.  Being a shokunin is being the […]

Weekend Inspiration: Top performing culture

By Prabhakar Gopalan Here’s a little weekend inspiration from a Stanford Speaker series lecture recorded in Nov, 2010.  The speaker is AB InBev’s CEO Carlos Brito.  AB InBev is the world’s #1 brewer. And snippets from the transcript: “…Three things that create a top performing culture – dream, people, culture. Great companies are formed by […]

Demos, Founders and Marketers

By Prabhakar Gopalan This post is inspired by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s detailed product review of Windows 8.  Click here to see Paul Allen’s review. If there’s one thing about founders that is hard to replace, it is the passion they have for their product.  I picked this specific example because I want to contrast […]

The fallacy of endorsing command and control leadership

I came across this recent HBR blog post “Why Command-and-Control Leadership Is Here to Stay“.  A professor in organizational behavior is advocating command and control leadership backed by no real data.  Her entire assertion is resting on a billboard ad copy at an airport.  Is this how MBA factories are training managers? Let us set […]