Your first days…as the head of Product Management

Take time to work on the business, not just in the business.—Richard Rhodes Do you lead a new product management team? Where should you begin? In The World Is Flat , Thomas Friedman expressed his view of the government’s primary role: to provide infrastructure. Make it easy to start a business, protect our persons and property from […]

Mobile Business Applications – Managing the Product Twice

By Rivi Aspler Many companies (especially the big ones) are still investing considerable efforts in the development of independent desktop, tablet and smartphone applications. Why? Because the needs of heavy-duty enterprise applications cannot be reduced to a single UI design that is common to all three targets. Unfortunately, Responsive Web Design has not proved yet […]

How to prep your team for an annual review

In my first job out of college, I was a programmer in Fort Worth. The job was challenging but not very clearly defined so it took me a while to find a good working scenario. By the end of my first year, I knew what I was doing but I wasn’t too thrilled with it. […]

How much can one head hold?

Anyone who acquires deep expertise does so at the expense of breadth.—Andrew Hargadon, author, How Breakthroughs Happen In my experience, people have either breadth or depth. Some people have a little information about almost every topic. After all, most people only have so much room in their heads. Some people have a lot of information about […]

The Applied Frameworks Product Scorecard

What do you use for a dashboard or scorecard? Do you have one slide that paints the overall product picture for your executive team? You can use the Under 10 Planning Canvas tool as a product scorecard. Put one or two key elements in each area to show the status of your product. On the […]

Great content is the best sales tool in the world

Great content is the best sales tool in the world.—Marcus Sheridan, author, The Sales Lion blog A marketing director shared a new video series that she had prepared for the sales force. She was proud of the work but annoyed with the sales people. Seconds after publishing the videos, a sales person asked if he […]